Site A























Site A is a large iron wreck situated in the north central part of the Galle harbour. It was discovered during the 1992-1993 season of the Galle harbour project. (Green, J., Devendra, S. 1993) Later it was identified as the “Phatti Allum” by Lieut. Cdr. S. Devendra.(Japan Port Consultant Ltd, 2000) The major attraction of this site is the large accretion of artefacts that is incompatible with the history of the shipwreck. These artefacts range from 13th century Chinese bowls to artefacts from modern times.(Parthesius, R., Devendra, S…eds. (2003)

Site A is spread over a length of 80 m and 30 m in width. It lies in a NE-SW direction (bearing 3200 N) It is in the North central harbour close to the existing channel. The focal point of the site is the large iron wreck, probably the "Phatti Allum", which struck on rocks west of Gibbet Island and was beached in the Bay between 1870 and 1873 (JPC, 2000, Final report of the urgent development of the port of Galle). Its true value is the wide variety of artefacts possibly conveyed to the location by currents. So far, artefacts ranging from 13th century Chinese bowls to 19th century clay pipes have been discovered in large quantities.


Iron parts and some of the main fetures of the wreck



Some of the artefacts found from the site