We didn’t find any historical records belong to Victory. The site was heavily destroyed and cannot find any physical evidence leads to the origin of the shipwreck. According to the ship structure this is an iron hull steam vessel. We can clearly identify the two boilers and the propeller shaft. Also we found the aperture in the stern frame. It got one huge mast which is lying buried under the remains of the wreck. Bow area is parted form the main body & it is lying on a NNE direction. And the large and long propeller shaft it still their, which is not easy to cut and move. The propeller was not their anymore think it was removed long ago.

Some local group asked permission from the Department of Archaeology to break this wreck for iron. They told this was a troller boat named ASUKI MARU sank 30 years ago. They just want to prove this is and recent wreck and nothing to protect. We found clear evidence the wreck was broken in to pieces using explosives. The wreck is collapsed from both sides.